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    NJ Library Dungeonmaster seeks gaming group!

    Hi there!

    I’m back! Did you miss me? 😀

    Um, okay, I’ll get to the content. (Wow, tough crowd)

    So my latest crazy idea involves gaming in the library. You’ve probably guessed that already.  I’ve been blogging over at 8-bit Library in my spare time, and that allows me to talk about gaming in the library. Video gaming, specifically.

    But I’m actually interested in the Old School gaming of my youth.  Over at the Wizards of the Coast website, (the fine people who bring us Dungeons & Dragons) they have an entire page dedicated to playing Dungeons & Dragons in your library.  They provide links and resources that inform librarians how to start a full-fledged D&D campaign right in their library.   This actually makes a lot of sense.  Hell, playing tabletop role-playing games was one of the things that got me IN to my library in the first place!  It was immersive, it had adventure, it used historical facts and figures.   If I’m storming the castle of the Dread Lord Garamond, and I need to know how close I have to be to destroy the ghost tower on the NorthWest corner, I need to know how far a medium-sized trebuchet can hurl a boulder.  If I’m creating an adventure for my players, and I want it to have some genuine medieval intrigue and mystery, I might look to the history of the Borgias for inspiration.  Libraries and role-playing games just go together.  Libraries even have conference rooms where a group of players can meet weekly for some good old-fashioned adventuring.

    Unfortunately, my own library isn’t interested in having a regular gaming group. So I thought I’d put the call out there. I’m limited to middle New Jersey, and my work hours aren’t very amenable to gaming most of the time. But hey, I have a blog, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Anybody interested?

    with Original art by J. Chick. (I modified it some, though) :(

    I promise that if you invite me to your library for a hosted gaming session, that I’m not a weirdo psycho crazy person that will bring shame and misfortune upon your library. I’m actually quite civil. [nods]


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    1. Good luck with this! All kinds of gaming deserve to be in libraries and it’ll be a lucky gang of players who have you for a GM!

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