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    Google Hates Me

    Hi there!

    Okay, so everybody’s been talking about Google Wave lately.  In fact there’s a perfectly awesome YouTube video making the rounds, which describes Google Wave in terms of a key scene in Pulp fiction. It’s really awesome, and you should watch it. But be careful, because the dialogue is not very work-safe.

    So, when I saw this video, I was very excited to test drive this new social media platform. I feel like this is the sort of thing that I’d be pretty good at, since I have one of those brains that quickly shifts from song lyrics to movie quotes to inside humor between my friends and I that no one in their right mind would find funny.  So I was excited about Google Wave.

    Unfortunately however, at this time it is by invitation only.  The fine folks at Google apologize for not allowing EVERYone to experience the wonder of GoogleWave, but at this time, it’s still in it’s experimental stages.  So … I wait.

    Eventually, one of my awesome awesome friends on Twitter sends me an invite.  This encourages me to do a little heterosexual white man dance right in my office.  I follow the link, intending to sign up to Google Wave using my work e-mail address.  The university at which I work uses a Google interface, so I should be able to use this to log into Google Wave.  When I follow the link, it tells me: “This account cannot be used with Google Wave”.  Apparently, having an open source Google interface is not enough. I need to have an account that ends in @gmail.com for it to work.  So I go to librarianinreallife@gmail.com and attempt to sign in. No luck. “That’s odd”, I think, and try logging out and re-logging in. Still no luck. Well, this is all too confusing for me, and besides, I have to be on the reference desk anyway, so I give up and decide to try again from the ref desk.

    However, when I go down to the reference desk and try the exact same thing, I discover that apparently, the last time I was on the ref desk, I was signed into Draconius.Merlin@gmail.com. Yes, this was a g-mail account that I’d made specifically for my Second Life avatar. I’d intended to keep my Second Life separate from my First Life, and so created an account specifically for my Second Life identity.  I check that e-mail address maybe once a MONTH. It’s not related to my real life at ALL.  However, when I tried to get into Google Wave, it immediately told me: “Welcome to Google Wave Draconius Merlin!”. So … my avatar has Google Wave, and I don’t.

    So I decide to sign up for Google Wave the old fashioned way. I apply for a Google Wave invitation.  Being an honest sort, I explain to the fine folks at Google my conundrum with my Second Life avatar, highlighting the fact that this was all just an honest mistake that anyone could have made, ah ho ho hee.

    A week later, many people on my friends list are just overflowing with Google Wave invites.  The interwebs are all a-twitter with tidings of GoogleWavery.  Humbly, I ask one of my Twitter friends for an invite. Still being an honest sort, I explain to her the terrible circumstances of my LAST GoogleWave travesty and how it was a simple mistake that could happen to anyone, ah ho ho hee.  Minutes later, I get a direct message telling me that she’s sent out invitations, and that I should be getting one.

    Weeks pass.

    So I’m still sitting here in my non-Google-Wave-having poverty, wondering what happened to my GoogleWave invite. The only thing I can figure is that Google has uncovered the sordid little detail that I … technically HAVE a Google Wave account. Or more correctly, my Second Life Avatar has one. I could be submersing myself beneath the Waves of Google right now as we speak, if not for the fact that I don’t want hordes of my library friends to be on my Draconius Merlin @ Googlewave account, and then have those friends be forced to RE-add me to their account once  Librarianinreallife@googlewave.com eventually goes live. Is that selfish and petty? Probably.

    So now I’ve completely abandoned any sort of pretense at honesty. I’m like an addict searching for a Wave invite on the streets. I’m wandering cyberspace with an oversized trenchcoat, pulling the collar up over my face, asking if anyone’s got a Wave invite for me.  I just need one fix, so I can get myself straight. Just one fix, and then I promise I’ll be a lawful upstanding member of Google Wave society. Just one invite, man. One invite and then you’ll never see me again. C’mon dude …

    So, do ya know anybody?


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