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    The Phenomenon that is Library 101

    Hi there!

    In this video, I talk a little about Library 101: The Video.  You library people have probably all seen it by now.  You’re probably IN it. 🙂


    2 Responses

    1. Hi there!

      Bear in mind that when I say: “threat assessment” from sites like Google and Wikipedia, I don’t mean that librarians don’t use these sites or that all information from them is equally invalid. I mean that casual users are getting MUCH more savvy when it comes to vetting information from these kinds of sites; something that librarians used to do!

      ACK!! 😦

    2. Upcoming cataclysm? UPCOMING CATACLYSM??!! I hope to be retired by then. In the meantime, I feel pretty smug about my personal position in the Children’s Room because we’re all about Face Time here. And at least kids can blink when they’re in storytime.

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