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    Computers in Libraries 2009 wrap-up

    Hi there!

    Yes, I know that I’ve been back from Computers in Libraries 2009 for almost a week now, and that I probably could have done a cool rockin’ vlog entry “from the road”, but it’s been kinda crazy since I got back.  Here’s the new video blog in which I bring the depressing news that everything we know is wrong. 😛


    2 Responses

    1. Sooo, Twitter and SL are DEAD? And the only new thing is this cloud computing? Why don’t I believe this? Twitter will be dead when something cooler replaces it. And if SL is dead, why were there 85,000 online Sunday?
      Did you say we didn’t have to be on the “bleeding edge” or the “leading edge”? Sorry, I don’t hear very well anymore, being a cranky old librarian. If you said “bleeding edge” – haha! great image. If you didn’t, I have dibs to put it in the Urban Dictionary. Or is that dead, too?

    2. Hi Marfita!

      I did say “Bleeding Edge”. It’s actually a real phrase. 🙂


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