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    And the Geek shall inherit the Earth …

    Yesterday, I made a Vlog post which explored the idea of the computer gaming geek as the new “Macho”.  The video suggested that since tech-savvy nerds have become more capable providers than the stereotypical athletic manly men.

    After watching the video, my friend Lori sent me an e-mail which explained that it wasn’t so much that geeks were the new “macho”, but that people in general were becoming geekier.  In our society, many young people grow up playing video games.  The wall between “geek” and “jock” is disappearing.  That big, manly, athletic jock superstar is probably JUST as likely as our computer geek to get on his Xbox and throw down with his buddies on Halo for an hour or so.   The mild-mannered housewife who kisses her husband goodbye and sends her kids to school is probably going to be pwning n00bs in the Arathi Basin later that afternoon.  It’s not just that geeks are the new paradigm for masculinity, it’s that everyone has acquired the “geek” template, and uses those geektacular skills in their daily routine.

    Lori then sent me this video. It’s for a new Mercedes concept car.  Watch the full video, and tell me what that says about our new culture of high geekery.

    PS: I want one of these now … [drools]


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