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    In which I somehow awkwardly imply that geeks are more manly than jocks …

    Vlog Entry #3:

    Is our definition of masculinity changing in our new technologically savvy world? Have geeks inherited the Earth? Please answer in the comments! 🙂


    2 Responses

    1. Sir, your amazing mirror technology astounds me! Your Vlogs are not bad either! Good job my friend! 🙂

    2. Hahahaha! “Amazing mirror technology”! Too funny! I love your “primitive visual aids” – the drawings, especially that they’re on old catalog cards. That just warms my heart-cockles.
      I hadn’t really thought about the change in what makes an Ideal Provider these days. I married a computer nerd, something I wouldn’t have thought of 30 years ago. Prolly thought I would marry an academic nerd. My dad was one of those Manly men (though without the genealogy to back him up – hahahahaha! loved that!) who was prolly a transition type: grew up on a farm, excelled at sports (track and wrestling), went to a technical school, played golf, drank and smoked (gave up smoking) … but worked a desk job.
      That big ticket as well as small ticket items are now being marketed to the digital generation is very telling. Thanks for pointing it out. I don’t watch tv and ignore ads online, so I miss out on a lot of that. We’re living through a generation of profound changes, from civil rights to the nature of what is a job.
      What do you think the changing roles of men and women has to do with this trend – anything?

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