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    Did I mention how much I hate my voice?

    Newest VideoBlog (Vlog) entry:

    In which I review the book: “I was told there’d be cake” by the lovely lovely lovely Sloane Crosley.

    Much longer and less meticulously scripted than the last entry. (Clocks in at 6 min. exactly)

    I am convinced that by this time next year, I will be doing off-the-cuff, unscripted, masteful Vlog entries with all the aplomb of a professional TV talk show host, but until then … [cringe]


    One Response

    1. OMG I am totally the same. I cringed when I found out HB was using that 7 1/2 habits video for the world. What’s helped me is to practice and record then adjust voice and rerecord. After a while you find a voice you like.


      p.s. I like your voice.

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