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    Gives new meaning to the term: “elites”.

    I’ve always wondered if many famous people play online games.  Okay, I realize that a lot of this is wishful thinking.  Since one never knows who is on the other side of the server, it’s entirely possible that Salma Hayek or Natalie Portman have taken my Undead Warlock on a daring assault on the Scarlet Monastery.   With over 10 million players online, it stands to reason that at least ONE famous person is a WoW addict.  But I’ve always believed that a larger percentage of celebrities play WoW than most people realize.  When you think about it, celebrities have more reason to play online games than most of us:

    1) They have a lot of free time.
    2) They have a lot of spare cash.
    3) The anonymity of online games allows them to be social without all of the undue attention.

    Seriously, the fact that I work 36 hours a week really cuts into my gaming time.  If I could rake in millions of dollars for about a month of work every year, I’d probably have a lot more gameplay under my belt. Which is not to say that actors and actresses don’t work extremely hard, just that their shooting schedules would involve a lot of work in short bursts, with extremely long downtimes in between.  So I could see how a game like WoW would be an ideal location for celebrities to get away from it all.  (although given the choice between: “ZulGurub Raid” and “Lear jet to St. Barth’s”, I imagine that the latter would have a certain degree of appeal …)

    Doing a search for: “Celebrities who play World of Warcraft”, I find the following list:

    • Dave Chapelle (Actor/Comedian)
    • Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian)
    • Vin Diesel (Actor)
    • Cameron Diaz (Actress)
    • Jon Luvelli (Rapper/Music Mogul)
    • Kanye West (Rapper)
    • Hulk Hogan (Wrestler)
    • Ben Affleck (Actor)
    • Felicia Day (Actress)
    • Mia Rose (Porn Actress)
    • Jessica Simpson(Singer)
    • Mila Kunis (Actress -That 70s Show)

    Additionally, I discover that one of the members of Barack Obama’s Transition Team is an avid WoW player, and views online worlds as being “very important to the future of work and technology”.  Now, I’m not expecting to ever encounter Barack Obama casting fireballs at Dranei Paladins on the field of Warsong Gulch,  ( I’m convinced that Republicans play Alliance …) but in a world where a bona-fide WoW player has the ear of the President-Elect, I can imagine online gaming becoming something more than a geeky diversion.  With all of the young gamers out there, who says that baseball has to be the only American Past-time?

    And just in case Cameron Diaz is reading this, I play Lachry and ‘Thorne on the Lightbringer server. Send me a tell, please? 😦


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